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Economic Downturn Linked to Increased Alcohol Consumption

Substance abuse is rooted in both biological and environmental causes. While genetics play a clear role, not everyone with a specific genetic makeup will develop a dependence. Likewise, not everyone with another risk factor, such as a romantic partner that drinks heavily, will also develop an alcohol-related problem. Often a combination of both a genetic[.....]

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  • Should Children Be Allowed Sips of Alcohol?

    Children will always be curious. It is in the nature of a child and it is a good thing, to want to learn all about the world. This means that children want to see what things look like, smell like, feel like, and yes, taste like. If you are the parent of children past infancy,[.....]

  • Study Takes New Look at Alcohol and Depression

    The link between alcohol and depression has long been known, but there has been much disagreement about whether alcoholism causes depression or vice-versa. The relationship between the two is alluded to by several facts, including that around one third of people who suffer from major depression also have a problem with alcoholism and that teens[.....]

  • The High Cost of Underage Drinking

    Underage drinking is a concern for many reasons: alcohol can do serious damage to still-developing brains and bodies; minors who drink are more likely to be involved in traffic accidents or to be injured in a violent argument; alcohol is also implicated in a significant number of teen suicides. But there is a further cost[.....]

  • Veterans With PTSD ‘Moral Injury’ Often Use Alcohol as Therapy

    From flashbacks to feeling numb, the symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can make it hard – or virtually impossible – for a veteran to live a full and healthy life. This troubling mental health condition impacts everything in a person’s life – from being able to hold down a job to keeping a marriage[.....]

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If you have found your way to this site you have either experienced something with your drinking that is worrying you or something that has frightened you. Maybe you had a blackout – which means you can’t remember something you said or did. Maybe you embarrassed or hurt a loved one while drinking. Maybe you just got your first DUI. Please take the time to look around. We want to help you figure out if indeed you have a drinking problem.

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